Journey Through Motherhood with Love, Bonito's Rachel

Rachel from Love, Bonito shared her experiences on motherhood and entrepreneurship on an interview with us.

1 – How are you adjusting into your new role as a mother?

Ollie is heading into his 10th week as I write this and I’ve been struggling especially with the nights and coping with work. I hope to be able to find my rhythm soon! One thing I’ve discovered about myself this month, hmm – I guess it would be that I’ve underestimated the importance of sufficient rest!! Haha

2 – Share with us one of your favourite things about Ollie.

His love for the outdoors and nature! One thing that is a sure-way to calm him down whenever he is fussy is to bring him to our balcony where he can listen to the sound of nature – of wind blowing against the trees and the sound of waterfall. 

3 – Can you describe a typical day in your shoes, now that you are a mother?

It’s been varying so much according to the stage of development Ollie is at! But overall, I spend my day at work, pumping every 3-4 hours, squeezing in some play time in between, and the evening and nights are spent caring for Ollie till the next morning.

4 – What are some of the steps you have taken or planning to take, to balance work and your family?

Being very aware about how I am struggling or succeeding in coping, making necessary changes whenever needed to ensure that I do not drop any ball that cannot afford to be dropped in this season!

5 – What is your advice for female entrepreneurs who are planning to start a family?

Strong support both at work and at home is crucial! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and be very aware of how we are doing mentally and emotionally.

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